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A warm welcome to all scratchcard players who are interested in going mobile! Mobile Scratchcard is the perfect site for you to find out everything a player needs to know about playing scratchcards on any mobile device. We would have all noticed the huge growth in popularity of online players using their mobile devices, whether it may be an ipad, tablet, android phone, blackberry or smartphone; to enjoy mobile betting.

History of Scratchcard

Scratchcards have evolved from being an integral part of the instant lottery game. It is a relatively new addition to gambling, as it was in 1974 when a scientist, John Koza and Daniel Boyer produced the first computer based instant lottery game. This then led to a company called Astro-Med acquiring the patent for the instant scratch-off lottery ticket.

Traditionally, the success and popularity of the scratchcard is due to the fact that the general public does not seem to see scratchcard betting as part of the gambling world. This has been helped by the availability of the cards in high street shops and supermarkets. Finally, it is truly a game of chance, which requires no skill, and thus is yet another reason for everyone to ‘have a go’ without actually perceiving it as betting or gambling.

Advantages of Mobile Scratchcards

Scratchcards have always been popular and easy to play. Now with the advances in mobile technology, secure and stable mobile networks, mobile scratchcard is now the ultimate for scratchcard lovers.

The main advantage of mobile scratchcard gambling is most definitely one of convenience. Scratchcards were always available in high street shops and supermarkets, and with online gaming coming to the fore in the last ten years, we have seen tremendous growth. This has also been greatly helped with the success of the UK National Lottery and their marketing of quite a wide range of scratchcards.

Players now having the ability of playing their favorite pastime on their mobile device means that they can literally access their online accounts, play and win cash anywhere, anytime and at a moments notice. This means that no more waiting to get into the office or for the kids to go to school in order to have a quiet period at your desk, in front of your desktop machine or laptop. Players can play their favorite scratchcard game even while breakfast or dinner, or even while making the meal!

Advantage is the ease of playing the game on a mobile device. Because the mechanics of the game are quite simple, all it takes is to login, select your scratchcard on the mobile device and press play/scratch. The simplicity of the game makes it a perfect match with any mobile device!

How to Download

Anyone wishing to play scratchcards on their mobile device have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. The entire process is trouble free and takes no time at all. Anyone familiar with the betting industry and especially the online aspect of the business will be able to confirm that gaming operators are the best in the business at placing the player experience first and thus, making sure that it is as hassle free as possible. This means that players do not have to worry about time consuming operations, or worrying about whether or not their personal and financial details are safe and secure.

Initially, players must recognize the difference between a mobile app (application) and a web based mobile scratchcard game. The mobile app or application needs to be downloaded to your mobile device, however, a web based game requires no download and can be accessed via the browser on the player’s mobile device. Players sometimes have a personal preference on which type of games they want to accordingly according to whether it is web based or contained in app.

From a technical perspective, there is very little difference. Web based games are easy to access, with most online sites having a mobile compatible site and suite of games. Mobile apps can be downloaded very quickly especially with the widespread use of 3G and now 4G! Mobile apps can be seen as better than web based games as player get the feeling that it is more secure and the app is designed to be a perfect fit to the specific mobile device. But as I have mentioned there is very little difference and really boils down to personal preference.

The second point is to make sure that if you are going for an app, that your mobile device is catered for by the online casino operator or online scratchcard site that you have signed up to. This is easily confirmed as all operators will usually have a drop down list of all the mobile devices that are compatible with their mobile app, and once you have selected your device from the list, the appropriate app is generated for you to download.

The only other point to note is that it best to register and deposit online, so that when you access the scratchcard game you are ready to play immediately!